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Tips for a Smooth Transition into Senior Living

It’s not always an easy transition for seniors to go from living completely on their own to an assisted living facility. One thing that Brightwood Living prides ourselves on is allowing our residents to remain independent in their space. Regardless of this, change can be difficult, so here are some tips for smoothly transitioning your loved one into a senior living community.

Allow Independence

In the beginning stages of the move, try not to be too protective of your loved one. Though you may feel like you should be with them through every step of their transition, this can end up being counter productive. It’s definitely a good idea to make frequent visits in the beginning so that your parent doesn’t feel alone, but also give them the space they need to settle in on their own.

Personal Items

A great way to help make your loved one feel more at home is to bring along some personal items from their home into the new space. Having their personal belongings present helps to make them feel more at home. Setting up the apartment the same way as their previous home can surely help to make this transition easier.

Get Involved

You should definitely encourage your loved one to get involved in their community. Brightwood Living Community offers a variety of group exercise activities, events, and a community dining hall. It will be a lot easier for them to adjust if they get involved and begin to meet new people. Making a few good friends always help to ease any transition into a new space.

Frequent Visits

Taking frequent trips to the living community before the move can help to create a peace of mind for your loved one. You may want to attend dinners or events that allow your loved one to familiarize themselves with the community layout, residents, and staff members.

More visits will make them feel comfortable before the official move into their space. Visiting the community before the move is also important in determining if it’s the best place for your loved one or not.

Life is Good at Brightwood!

Since 1992, Brightwood has been the senior living community of choice for those who want to enjoy the ease of life without sacrificing their space, privacy, and individuality. We are a gated senior community located in the Greater Baltimore area, with 80 homes spread across our beautiful, 50 acre property.

The amenities and services that we provide will surely enhance your life enjoyment, sense of security, and well-being. For more information, contact us at (410)-339-3200 or visit our website

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