Life is Good at Brightwood

Our senior living community is unlike most you’ll find. We are the preferred senior independent community for those who have dared to take the road less traveled, the mavericks, the movers and the shakers. We are small, only 80 residences. We don’t control your health care. You do. We have no large upfront entrance fees or long term contracts. We aren’t for profit, like so many others. We don’t require you to take any sort of health or mental exam. There is no continuum of care that you are forced to move through according to the decisions of others. You buy your condo, become part of our wonderful community and live your life on your terms. We have concierge services that support your ability to live a life of comfort, style and ease. Our residents have always paved their own way and with great success. They aren’t interested in changing things at this point.