The best way to really learn about a community is to hear from the people that live there.

Here’s what our resident’s have to say:


Sharon L

My parents lived at Brightwood for many years until there deaths. They really enjoyed all the people who worked there. Everyone was very friendly and always made time to talk and make people feel special. Anytime anything needed repair Denise saw that it was done in a timely manner. Special mention to the guards also and the times they responded to emergencies or to ensure that there was no issue. Finally Mary Bauer, was so helpful and went out of her way to help us with the sale of the property. She always had time to get back to you and used the phone which really shortens the dealing with any issues. The meals were very good. They also enjoyed meeting with all the residents. Brightwood went above and beyond after my parents death and really helped in the selling of the property.

Sarah Gill

Cannot speak highly enough of Brightwood! The staff has always gone above and beyond to make my mother’s life there as easy and safe as possible. Brightwood responds immediately to any of her needs from general assistance to emergencies, getting groceries/ medications to maintenance issues in her own home. Our family feels very lucky to have such peace of mind. Brightwood’s response to Covid has been excellent. First and foremost they are concerned about protecting the health of their residents. And, as restrictions in Maryland have loosened, Brightwood is cautiously returning to providing their wide range of activities and educational opportunities for the residents. These events are held under the strict guidelines of masking, social distancing and the limiting the size of the congregating group. Our family feels blessed that our mother is lucky enough to live at Brightwood. The campus and facilities are beautiful and beautifully maintained, but Brightwood’s greatest asset may be the staff. From the management to the wait staff we are continually impressed by their kindness towards, genuine interest in and respect for our mother and our family. Finally, as permitted by our mother, Brightwood immediately notifies us of any health related issues and has kept us abreast of their Covid prevention measures.

My father and his wife, had a beautiful house out in a lovely rural area of Baltimore County. For years, our combined family of 8 children grew up and gathered there creating many happy memories. When the time came to downsize, my father and his wife researched all the available options. They chose Brightwood for its design (laid out like the University of Virginia with excellent privacy yet shared spaces), the fact that they could take their beloved dog, and the proximity to all of the services and friends they already used or would need.

Before moving in, they renovated their unit to make it theirs. The transition seemed seamless: the 8 now adult children could easily visit just like before and our parents could carry on with their lives, just like before the move. Yet they had none of the worries of maintaining a large homestead or dealing with bad weather events. Perfect!

They made new friends at Brightwood and settled in easily. The staff at Brightwood knew each of them well and were there to help as needed, but never intruded into their privacy. My father, who loved to exercise, used the gym every day and eventually bought himself a giant tricycle to ride around the loop road of the community, a place he could ride his bike without worries of potholes and traffic. Within a few short months, we all felt right “at home” again. I can say, with deep gratitude to the Brightwood community, that they were very happy with their choice. It was all they (and I, by proxy) hoped it would be. Thank you Brightwood.

Cynthia Kirk

As a new resident I can share that it is even better than I ever thought. My residence is beautiful and my dog has become comfortable being here. This is saying a lot! He had three acres of his own on a property over ten acres. He never saw people except for the UPS truck! The people here are lovely, friendly and caring. The chef is amazing and the servers are the best. The property is gorgeous and meticulously cared for and Truffles and I walk it several times a day. We residents are the owners and we have a say in the workings here. I gladly give it a five star rating.

Emily Fuchs

In addition to our wonderful friendships and the efficient dining, cleaning, laundry and other services, what I enjoy most at Brightwood is sitting by our library fireplace reading, watching videos, and doing puzzles in the Winter; and walking and working in the two and one-half acre woodland garden in the Spring and Fall!

Juli Finkelstein

We recently bought an apartment at Brightwood for our mom. The process was so easy because every person there is truly with the mindset… at your service! They are helping with every detail that you can think of for our moms move. The facilities are amazing. We know that our mom will be very happy in this community with these helpful, kind people.

All Done Mechanical

Having attended to Brightwood’s heating and air conditioning for a few years, our company has gotten to know the community. Brightwood is a well manicured and gated community. The guard in the front has been consistently pleasant and the staff are very friendly to work with.

Gary Cofflin

As a Retired Maryland State Trooper and now an employee at Brightwood, working security. I can say Brightwood Retirement Community is a fantastic place to live and work. The residence and staff are such wonderful people and everyone is like family. What a fantastic Community!!!!!!

Liz Wright

Brightwood’s strength is its staff. Everyone is caring and goes above and beyond to keep my parents happy and safe. It’s also a lovely campus, with a wide assortment of housing options.

James Olivella

This community is like a resort, the grounds are kept pristine and very well maintained. Such a great setting for a healthy stroll. Very well managed kudos to Denise and main office personnel.

Lyn Boone

Brightwood is a beautiful and friendly place to live! I couldn’t ask for a better place than this for my parents to spend the rest of their lives in. The staff are amazing! The amenities and grounds are 100%.

Jim Farrell

Best retirement community in the Baltimore area Focus is an enjoyable experience during your retirement years.

A. Williams

This is a wonderful gated community for seniors, offering a wide range of services and amenities.

Alan Perkin

Planning to move there within the week. Every amenity and all services are first class.

John Davis

Wonderful staff! Great to work with and keep the property looking beautiful!

John Davis

Wonderful staff! Great to work with and keep the property looking beautiful!

Esther S.

Our Mom moved to Brightwood 6 months ago and it has been a wonderful and easy transition. The staff as well as the residents are friendly and helpful. This truly is a very special place to call home!