Brightwood Living 101: Our Neighborhoods

The Brightwood Living Community is a great, peaceful place for senior citizens to make their home. We are dedicated to providing a community for people to enjoy the ease and security of life without having to sacrifice their space, privacy, and individuality. Our community is divided into four neighborhoods: The Club, The Lawn, The Crescent Cottages, and The Square. Each of our residences include a fireplace, walk-in closets, washer/dryer, full kitchen, and more! Read more to find out about each of our unique neighborhoods!

The Club

This neighborhood has one, two, and three bedroom options, which is great for a multi-person household. There are twenty residences available and they all offer convenient indoor access to the main Clubhouse, which makes several amenities, including the Dining Room, only a short walk away. The Club features a central courtyard with a tree-canopied setting for residents to enjoy the weather, converse with one another, and for casual dining.

The Lawn

The Lawn is separated into three different units, with each residence featuring two-bedrooms. They are built across fourteen pavilions that are uniquely designed. The Lawn’s design inspiration is reminiscent of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, giving a very classic aesthetic.

The Square

This Brightwood neighborhood also offers only two-bedroom options, with 16 residences available. The square residences surround an English country garden, giving residents a nice view and a great area to get out and take a nice walk. There is a walkway inside the Square that leads residents to the Clubhouse.

Crescent Cottages

Brightwood’s Crescent Cottages are for those who want a more private living experience. The cottages are built along the line of the trees surrounding the community, located further away from the other residences. These are individual homes that offer up to 3200 square feet of space. These two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes also include a power room and a lower level that leads out onto a beautiful lawn overlooking the woods.

Life is Good at Brightwood!

Since 1992, Brightwood has been the community of choice for those who want to enjoy the ease of life without sacrificing their space, privacy, and individuality. We are a gated senior community located in the Greater Baltimore area, with 80 homes spread across our beautiful, 50 acre property.

The amenities and services that we provide will surely enhance your life enjoyment, sense of security, and well-being. For more information, contact us at (410)-339-3200 or visit our website

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